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    Electric Fencing Accessories

    A range of electric fencing accessories from gate handles to fence testers.

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    10mm Wire Rope Grips (2 per pack)

    £2.50 plus VAT

    12mm Wire Rope Grips

    £3.05 plus VAT

    1mtr Earth Spike

    £5.89 plus VAT
    With a Connection Bolt

    20mm Fixing Buckle (5pp)

    £5.74 plus VAT

    3:1 Geared Reel

    £54.35 plus VAT
    Large capacity 3:1 geared plastic spool, metal frame with handle and brake. Holds up to 800m of wire.

    40mm Fixing Buckle (5pp)

    £8.97 plus VAT
    Aluminium Buckle - Effective Connection - 40mm Tape

    5mm Wire Rope Grips (4 per pack)

    £3.68 plus VAT
    Bag - 4 Quantity

    Aluminium Tensioner (3pp)

    £10.68 plus VAT
    In-line tensioner for galvanised wire.

    Bolt Joint Clamps (5pp)

    £6.74 plus VAT
    Bolt connector for high tensile and galvanised wire.

    BR1 Quick Bracket for P25 Reels & PR2 Posts

    £9.60 plus VAT
    Bracket interfaces with large (P25/500) and geared (p25g/500) reels and PR2 or wooden post.

    Crocodile Clips

    £1.43 plus VAT
    Crocodile Clips (Sold individually)

    Electro Rope Gate (Bungee)

    £21.85 plus VAT
    Bungee rope gate with fittings. Extends up to 6m.

    External Cut Off Switch

    £14.95 plus VAT
    Outdoor breaker switch.

    Gate Handle Anchor (2pp)

    £3.25 plus VAT
    Insulated gate anchors.

    Gate Handle for Tape

    £5.33 plus VAT