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    Fiskars® Chopping Axe XS X7

    £36.70 plus VAT
    Next generation chopping axe that makes a clean and easy cut, with an ultralight and durable FiberComp™ shaft.

    Fiskars® Chopping Axe S X10

    £40.79 plus VAT
    Used for carpentry and woodwork, great for general tasks at the yard or small construction projects. Creates an easy and clean cut with the thin yet wide blade.

    Fiskars® Splitting Axe M X17

    £53.02 plus VAT
    Next generation splitting axe designed for one strike splits of even the thickest logs. Easily slices into wood which the axe blade then pushes apart.

    Fiskars® Splitting Axe L X21

    £57.09 plus VAT
    A next generation splitting axe from Fiskars® with a special blade geometry and finish that is complemented by a light, sturdy shaft and the perfect balance.

    Fiskars® Splitting Axe XL X25

    £65.24 plus VAT
    The perfect splitting axe for chopping large logs, with a thick blade providing all the power you need, complement with a light yet sturdy shaft.

    Fiskars® Splitting Axe XXL X27

    £69.34 plus VAT
    For splitting extra large logs that are over 30cm in diameter, the heavy duty model with the longest shaft available. Suitable as an additional tool for the X21 or the X25.


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