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    Fiskars® Spare Blade for Bow Saw SW30

    £3.65 plus VAT
    A spare blade for the Fiskars® Bow Saw SW30 to replace your damaged or missing blade.

    Fiskars® Xsharp Axe & Knife Sharpener

    £12.45 plus VAT
    A handy portable tool featuring 2 sharpeners in 1 for both Fiskars® axes and knives with a ceramic grind stone.

    Fiskars® Bow Saw 21" SW30

    £13.05 plus VAT
    A bow saw used for sawing stems and thicker branches during heavy pruning in the garden.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Shovel

    £18.75 plus VAT
    For moving sand, gravel and other bulk materials.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Spade Pointed

    £18.75 plus VAT
    All purpose digging spade with a pointed and sharpened cutting edge.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Spade Rounded

    £18.75 plus VAT
    Straight and sharpened cutting edge for cutting grass and moving and mixing soil.

    Fiskars® Solid™ Garden Fork

    £26.90 plus VAT
    For loosening and turning over compacted soil, also great for aerating lawns or raking out stones and weeds.

    Fiskars® Club Hammer M 3lb

    £32.61 plus VAT
    Ideal for single handed use during demolition work or driving in masonry nails with a shock absorbing handle.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Finishing Hammer M Curved 16oz

    £34.25 plus VAT
    Great for any detail work, comfortable and increased grip with the IsoCore™ shock absorbing technology to reduce shock and vibrations up to 70%.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ General Use Hammer L 20oz

    £36.70 plus VAT
    Used for a wide range of common jobs, with its magnetic nail starter you can perform any job quickly, ideal for driving small nails into visible surfaces without damaging the surrounding area.

    Fiskars® Chopping Axe XS X7

    £36.70 plus VAT
    Next generation chopping axe that makes a clean and easy cut, with an ultralight and durable FiberComp™ shaft.

    Fiskars® IsoCore™ Finishing Hammer L Curve 20oz

    £36.72 plus VAT
    Used in a variety of common tasks, ideal for driving nails. Reduces strike shock and vibrations by up to 70% with IsoCore™ technology.

    Fiskars® Club Hammer L 4lb

    £40.79 plus VAT
    A 2 in 1 hammer with a demolition face and a driving face for demolition and masonry work, rust resistant forged steel head.

    Fiskars® WoodXpert XA3 Brush Hook

    £40.79 plus VAT
    Lightweight and durable steel bladed brush hook, ideal for cutting smaller branches from trees while keeping a firm and comfortable grip on the handle.

    Fiskars® Chopping Axe S X10

    £40.79 plus VAT
    Used for carpentry and woodwork, great for general tasks at the yard or small construction projects. Creates an easy and clean cut with the thin yet wide blade.

    Fiskars® Tools

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