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    Hotline Electric Fencing

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    Crocodile Clips

    £1.43 plus VAT
    Crocodile Clips (Sold individually)

    Paddock Economy Gate Handle BLACK

    £2.50 plus VAT
    Paddock Economy Gate Handle BLACK

    Premium Gate Handle RED

    £3.35 plus VAT
    Insulated, sprung gate handle

    Gate Handle Anchor (2pp)

    £3.65 plus VAT
    Insulated gate anchors.

    P99 Tape Tensioner End/Corner Insulator

    £5.45 plus VAT
    Screw-in end tensioner for tape up to 40mm. Screws included.

    P15 x 5 End/Corner(Egg) Insulators

    £5.90 plus VAT
    Insulator for ends and corners. Suitable for wire and rope.

    20mm Fixing Buckle (5pp)

    £6.40 plus VAT

    1mtr Earth Spike

    £6.75 plus VAT
    With a Connection Bolt

    Insulator Chuck

    £7.30 plus VAT
    Drill chuck for easy installation of P37 insulators

    Bolt Joint Clamps (5pp)

    £7.49 plus VAT
    Bolt connector for high tensile and galvanised wire.

    P5 5 x Pig Tail Insulator

    £8.10 plus VAT
    Replacement insulator for P2 post.

    Supercharge Rope Connector (4pp)

    £8.76 plus VAT
    Rope connector for effective splicing of ropes up to 6mm.

    200mtr 3 Strand Poly Wire ( Orange )

    £9.41 plus VAT

    Tape Connectors

    £9.81 plus VAT
    Tape to tape connector for tape up to 40mm.

    P37 20 x Screw-in Insulator

    £10.35 plus VAT
    Screw-in ring insulator suitable for rope and wire.


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