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    Fiskars® Spare Blade for Bow Saw SW30

    £3.65 plus VAT
    A spare blade for the Fiskars® Bow Saw SW30 to replace your damaged or missing blade.

    Fiskars® Xsharp Axe & Knife Sharpener

    £12.45 plus VAT
    A handy portable tool featuring 2 sharpeners in 1 for both Fiskars® axes and knives with a ceramic grind stone.

    Fiskars® Bow Saw 21" SW30

    £13.05 plus VAT
    A bow saw used for sawing stems and thicker branches during heavy pruning in the garden.

    Fiskars® WoodXpert XA3 Brush Hook

    £40.79 plus VAT
    Lightweight and durable steel bladed brush hook, ideal for cutting smaller branches from trees while keeping a firm and comfortable grip on the handle.

    Fiskars® WoodXpert XA23 Brush Hook

    £57.07 plus VAT
    Long handled brush hook with a redesigned backwards curved steel blade and a longer shaft for better swing speeds and power.

    Fiskars® Builders Axe XXL 8lb

    £73.40 plus VAT
    A powerful maul featuring IsoCore™ which is great for hardcore wood splitting. Has a forged steel head which has a splitting face and a driving face to help when splitting wood apart.


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