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    Mole Claw Trap

    £7.03 plus VAT
    Defenders Mole Claw Trap (Catch and Kill Trap to Control Moles, Protects Lawns and Gardens, Durable, Rust-Free, All-Weather Design)

    Ultra Power Mouse Traps - Twinpack

    £8.00 plus VAT

    Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

    £8.04 plus VAT
    The Big Cheese Live Multi-Catch Mouse Trap (Baited, Poison-Free, Ready to Use Humane Rodent Pest Trap, Catches 4 or More Live Mice, Suitable for Indoor, Home Use)

    Ultra Power Rat Traps - Twinpack

    £8.49 plus VAT

    Ultra Power Block Bait Mouse Killer Stations

    £9.01 plus VAT
    Mouse Killer Station with Bait Blocks. Viewing window allows you to see easily if anything has been caught.

    Ultra Power Block Bait Killer Station Refills

    £9.35 plus VAT
    15 x 20g Block Bait Rat Killer Station Refills. For use with Ultra Power Rat Killer Station or Ultra Power Mouse Killer Station.

    Rat & Mouse Bait Station

    £9.68 plus VAT
    The Big Cheese 22.6 x 12 x 7.6 cm Rat and Mouse Bait Station (Durable, Lockable, Re-usable Bait Box, Protects Kids and Pets, Use in the Home and Garden)

    Ultra Power Block Bait Rat Killer Station

    £9.99 plus VAT
    Rat Killer Station, includes 3 Ultra Power Bait Blocks. Bait Stations are required by law when baiting rats.

    Ultra Power Super Rat Trap

    £10.22 plus VAT

    Self Set Multi-Catch Mouse Trap

    £10.99 plus VAT
    Selfset Multi-Catch Mouse Trap (Humane, Self-Setting, Galvanised Steel Trap, Traps 10 or More Mice, Suitable for Use in Domestic and Commercial Premises)

    Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller

    £19.95 plus VAT
    The Big Cheese - Sonic Mouse & Rat Repeller

    Self Set Strongbox Rat Bait Station

    £22.14 plus VAT
    The Big Cheese Rat Killer Loose Grain Bait (Whole Wheat Bait to Kill Rodent Pests). Use Inside and Outside Around Buildings. 200 g

    Animal Cage Trap - Small

    £27.49 plus VAT
    Defenders Animal Trap Cage (Easy to Set Humane Trap for Squirrels and Similar Sized Wildlife, Suitable for Indoor and Outdoor Use) - Small Size

    Self Set Multi-Catch Rat Trap

    £28.18 plus VAT
    Selfset Multi-Catch Rat Trap (Humane, Durable, Ready-To-Use Rodent Pest Trap, Catches up to 5 Rats. For Use Indoors and Outdoors)

    Rat Cage Trap

    £30.21 plus VAT
    The Big Cheese Rat Cage Trap (Large, Humane, Live-Catch Trap, Use Indoors and Outdoors in Gardens)

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