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    Stocking a range of Strainrite tools for livestock wire fencing.


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    Strainrite 5 in 1 Ezepull Fencing Tool

    £185.40 plus VAT
    Strainrite 5 in 1 Ezepull Fencing Tool

    Strainrite Barbed Wire Crimps (50) 2.5 b/w

    £20.36 plus VAT
    Wire Crimps for use with Barbed Wire

    Strainrite Chain Strainers (6m chain)

    £167.86 plus VAT
    Strainrite Chain Strainers (6m chain)

    Strainrite Crimps 1.6 - 2.5mm (100pp)

    £23.40 plus VAT
    Wire crimps for use with 1.6mm - 2.5mm wire

    Strainrite Crimps 2.5mm - 3.15mm (50no)

    £20.22 plus VAT
    Wire Crimps for use with 2.5mm to 3.15mm wire

    Strainrite Easy Wire Puller

    £68.20 plus VAT
    Easily tie off/staple wire hands free! Quick and easily tensions either fencing or netting wire around strainer posts Smooth grip wire clamp prevents wire damage

    Strainrite Electric Open Crimp Sleeves 50/tub

    £18.10 plus VAT
    2.5mm Electric Crimp Sleeves For use on 1.6mm to 2.7mm (16 to 12.5 gauge) Fence Wire Crimp 4-5 times with EzeCrimp or UltraCrimp Fencing Tool to ensure joint strength

    Strainrite Ezecut Chisel

    £50.90 plus VAT
    Contractors Choice High-Quality Fencing Chisel Forged from Solid High Carbon Steel 37mm Head Surface Ground and Whetstone Sharpened.

    Strainrite Fencing Pliers

    £29.80 plus VAT
    Traditional style staple puller, with hammer face, cuts, grips & twists fencing wire. Single tooth jaws for lifting and pulling staples High strength Chrome Molybdenum Steel Comfortable slip resistant handles

    Strainrite HT Wire Cutting Pliers

    £44.90 plus VAT
    Induction-Hardened Precision Cutting Edges Scalloped Jaw Design Ergonomically designed handles Max. 4mm (8 gauge) diameter hard wire

    Strainrite Ratchet Handle

    £14.28 plus VAT

    Strainrite Standard Chain Strainer

    £85.40 plus VAT

    Strainrite Standard Wire Cutters

    £15.00 plus VAT
    Lever action Hardened cutting edges for up to 2.5 HT wire Comfortable non-slip handles. Overall length 205mm (8″)

    Strainrite Staple Pick

    £20.40 plus VAT
    Traditional design Strainrite Staple Pick Easily removes Batten Staples & Post Staples


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