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    Timber Gate Care

    The wooden gates we stock are a natural product, meaning they react to the elements and can twist, warp, split and change colour. While most of the gates we stock are pressure treated (unless stated otherwise to be untreated) which helps with the resistance to insects and wood rot, it is strongly recommended to treat them in UV Wood Oil. This oil preserves the colour of the wood and any outdoor wood that has this oil applied once a year will repel water, assisting resistance to water ingress.

    Small cracks in the wood (known as checks or shakes) are common during drying, it is not considered a fault due to the natural state of timber. To reduce the appearance of these cracks, the oil can be applied. The oil can also reduce the effects of warping. 

    When receiving your gate, you must apply at least one layer of the UV Wood Oil before hanging. When making any cut outs in the wood you must also treat these holes with the oil and preservative. This prevents water ingress, which can cause swelling and warping of the timber.

    Preservatives that are water based are not suitable protection when applied alone as they can be washed out of the timber, it must be coated in the UV Wood Oil prior to being exposed to the elements.

    The gates must be fit with the appropriate ironwork and hanging posts/wall, have no modifications and not be poorly fitted/installed. Water damage or rot is caused by failing to apply the treatment correctly, regularly, and not following the treatment guide.


    Restol™ Natural UV Extra Oil on untreated wood


    Restol™ Natural UV Extra Oil on impregnated wood

    Restol™ Natural UV Extra Oil on hardwood


    Tips for treating -

    • Use preservative and the UV Oil treatment to all holes and cuts and allow to dry.
    • Apply UV Oil before exposing to the elements and fitting the gate(s).
    • For best results, use a flat brush and apply along the grain.
    • Do not leave any part of the gate untreated.
    • Test the oil first on a concealable/scrap piece of wood.
    • Treat all sides of the gate within the same time period or risk a chance of warping/twisting due to unequal surface tension.
    • Apply two coats and allow to dry in between.
    • Treat the posts to be used to reduce chances of splits or unwanted movements.
    • The oil may degrade over time so it is recommended to re-apply the oil every year, best way to check is to monitor the gates for water beads. If the water is not beading on the surface, re-apply the oil.
    • If the surroundings of the gate are filled with trees and hedges then surface mould may appear on your gate. This is nothing of concern and is not damaging the gate, sponge it off with warm water and leave to dry before applying the new coat.